FUN/SUP Youth Program at WaterColor Boathouse Paddle Club

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    Sign your youth up for FUN/SUP - a youth adventure program at the Boathouse in WaterColor, FL. Ages 8-12 are welcome to participate in a 2 hour adventure program that includes paddle boarding, games, pool swimming and eco-adventure.

    $50 per child, text 850-419-6188 to reserve your date(s).

    FUN/SUP Program offered:
    Tuesday and Thursday | 10AM - 12PM
    Wednesday & Friday | 1PM - 3PM


    The BoatHouse Paddle Club is situated on beautiful Western Lake in Watercolor, Florida. Specializing in the fast growing sport of stand up paddling or S.U.P., the BoatHouse Paddle Club offers everything from hourly rentals to private and group lessons as well as a variety of "fresh air" fitness programming from RUN/SUP to classes in TRX and SUP Yoga. Visit the pro shop for t-shirts, apparel, and accessories. Open 7 days per week from 9-5.

    Sign up for RUN/SUP classes. Start at the BoatHouse with a brief run along the trails around the lake and over the bridges of the beautiful WaterColor resort. Then it's a hop onto a paddle board on Western Lake. The whole RUN/SUP circuit takes about an hour, and what a glorious hour it is! Take note that beginners are welcome. It's not about competition - it's about getting fit and having fun. Check the BoatHouse class schedule online. “Let your workout take you somewhere.”

    RUN/SUP was founded by runners and stand-up paddlers looking for a way to combine two of the most popular participatory recreational sports in one workout. RUN/SUP offers a cross training interval-style workout that benefits all fitness enthusiasts looking to strengthen core and burn calories.

    Visit RUN/SUP's retail location in Seagrove Beach for fitness gear and paddle boards, clothing and accessories for the outdoor lifestyle on the coast.


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