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Beach Comber
Dec 15, 2009
Position Open - Poor Truman Creative

Poor Truman Creative is a local, boutique-ish creative consulting company based in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. As our company continues to expand, we are now looking for a Graphic Design intern for Fall 2016 with potential for this position to continue or even develop into part time employment.

Job duties include (but, are not limited to):

  • Generating social media, blog, and website graphics for +10 different clients

  • Creating marketing materials and handouts for range of local and national events

  • Being able to take direction well from a variety of different clients in a variety of fields

  • Expertise in Adobe Creative Suite, focusing on Illustrator and Photoshop

  • Clicking “reply all” on necessary emails, and “reply” on snarky emails

Fast-paced and fluid working environment. Must be flexible and able to work with occasional (ok, potentially frequent) tight deadlines. Current Poor Truman team personalities range from Tom Haverford to April Ludgate to Donna Meagle to Anne Perkins or some combination thereof. If you miss the reference, please Google posthaste. You’re welcome.

Looking for 10 hours/week (flexible). Training, etc. would begin as soon as possible. Prefer local, but position can be remote. Remote status increases need for very reliable communication - texting, yes. Snapchat, no.

Must be proficient in the following areas/skill sets:

  • Online data management: Google Docs, Dropbox, etc.

  • Social Media

  • Apple iWork Office Suite Preferred

  • Not taking yourself too seriously

Interested applicants - if you’ve read this far, we promise to read (and seriously consider) your resume and at least 3 samples of your work. Please email to

FYI - we do not have a Facebook page or Website. Not off the grid, just busy working. We promise we will not sell your information to a Nigerian Prince.
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