For Sale Great little bay/lake boat for sale

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    It's painted red, the bottom interior bottom is white
    It is 14.4 feet from the bow to the stern light
    Second hand from a guy in SRB
    I rode up with Daddy when he went there to get her
    Put on a shine, you need to put on a motor
    Built out of love, made for the water
    you can run her for years because the transom is not rotten
    A piece of your childhood that will never be forgotten
    It was just an old 1965 boat made to row
    Just a little motor will make it go
    A young boy with a boat to steer
    I can't replace the way it erased my fear
    And I would turn her sharp
    And I would make her whine
    He'd say, you can't beat the way an old boat rides
    Just a little bay/lake along the FL Gulf Coast
    But I was king of the ocean
    When Daddy let me drive

    These memories can be yours. Boat for sale at $500.
    Contact for details

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    Love me some Alan!

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