Grit & Grace Presents "A Dreaming Place" JULY 11 - 27. See showtimes

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    Grit & Grace presents "A Dreaming Place" directed by Brook Stetler. Show times are shown below, for three weeks on three stages.

    Tickets are available at the door or ONLINE now!


    Grit & Grace is the official folk life production of Walton County.

    Grit & Grace is more than a's an, experience! We collect stories and legends about the people of Walton County. We secure a playwright to put the stories together, hire a director to direct the show, then audition local actors, singers, and musicians to help bring the stories to life; always keeping in mind that these are true stories about real people... family, friends, neighbors ...passed down from generation to generation. Some of the stories may be sad or tragic, some serious, and some humorous. In preparing for each production we gather interested musicians who volunteer to play in the production and/or write the original music. We also hold auditions for the various roles. We hold rehearsals to learn the music and the script. Volunteers are enlisted to help with the Front House, staging, advertising, set construction, costuming, and much more. And then the show begins! Our Board of Directors, cast, crew, and volunteers are committed to doing our very best in bringing these stories to life; while preserving the oral history of Walton County.

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