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    Nature and Scope
    The Seaside Town Council, Inc. (STC) provides oversight and management on behalf of the 9 individual Home Owners Associations (HOAs) that make up the residential neighborhoods of Seaside. Seaside is a world-renowned resort community and it is the STC staff’s role to maintain the common areas at the highest standards possible with the resources we have available.

    Together with the Landscape Maintenance contractor, the in-house Groundskeepers shall ensure that STC is effective and prompt in maintaining a clean and well-functioning common area for the enjoyment of Seaside’s home owners and guests. The common areas include our residential streets, footpaths, parks, and beach pavilions. See attached map depicting the boundaries of the 9 Home Owners Associations that comprise the Seaside Town Council (STC).

    Duties and Responsibilities
    The Grounds-keeper’s primary duties are the provision of custodial services at the beach pavilions and litter patrol at the residential common areas, monitoring collection (by others) of household garbage and recycling, minor landscaping, and other incidental tasks as needed. The residential common areas include the streets, footpaths, parks, beach pavilions and beaches contained within the residential areas.

    While moving about the property, Groundskeepers are expected to be proactive in sharing issues needing the attention of other staff or contractors. Groundskeepers must immediately notify the Lead Maintenance Technician (419-7087) of instances needing special attention, such as vandalism or other items needing significant maintenance or repair, as well as notifying STC Security (231-5057) of any safety or security concerns. If Maintenance or Security is unable to respond, then Groundskeepers shall contact the General Manager (543-1324).
    The following are typical of duties that are expected, but duties will vary and Groundskeepers are expected to be proactive and to request assistance when needed:
    Responsibilities at Beach Pavilions:

    1. Service each residential beach pavilion once prior to 8AM and once after noon.

    1. During each service, the following tasks shall be performed:
      1. Ensure the restrooms are clean and well-stocked.
      2. Ensure the railings, stairs/steps, deck, furniture and other exterior amenities at each beach pavilion are clean, functional and attractive.
      3. Check the surrounding beach area for litter
      4. If owners or guests are present at pavilions and it appears they will be disturbed by the work, verify that the pavilion is in acceptable condition and move to the next task. Recheck the skipped pavilion within an hour.

    Responsibilities for Litter Patrol:

    1. Search for and remove discarded and unwanted items (litter) such as cans, bottles, cigarette butts, wrappers, tissues, clothing, small pieces of construction debris and similar items.
    2. Patrol common area trash receptacles. If the trash receptacles are more than 1/3 full or if can contains food or other items that have potential to cause unpleasant aromas, the bags shall be removed and trash taken to the nearest STC trash cans for pick-up by Waste Management.
    3. Inspect the “Doggie Stations”. Verify they have an adequate supply of bags.
    4. Items that appear to have been lost rather than discarded should be collected and turned into STC Security for logging into Lost and Found. Larger pieces of landscaping or construction debris should be reported to STC Maintenance.

    Responsibilities for Monitoring Trash:

    1. Patrol ahead of Waste Management (WM) when feasible to ensure containers are accessible and ready for collection.
    2. Patrol behind WM’s route and ensure containers are replaced appropriately. Cans should be right- side up with lid placed on top. Collect and remove small amounts of loose materials. Larger amounts of loose materials may be placed into cans (right side up, lid on). Ensure cans/bins/lids do not collect rainwater so as to encourage breeding of mosquitos.
    3. Notify the General Manager via email or written note regarding cottages that need additional/replacement trash containers, modifications to trash pens or other issues that may impact the appearance or process of storing and collecting trash, or the breeding of mosquitos.

    The Groundskeeper also contributes to the STC team effort by accomplishing other task as need.

    The position generally requires work during early morning and daytime hours and in an outdoor environment, in some cases extreme weather conditions. The position may be full-time, part-time or seasonal, depending upon a variety of considerations.

    Groundskeepers must be self-motivated and able to act proactively to resolve problems before they come to the attention of owners and guests. Groundskeepers must be positive and direct in striving to achieve the Town Council’s goal of a clean and orderly community. Groundskeepers must be comfortable working alone but know when to seek assistance. Groundskeepers must also:

    Have physical capability to:
    Be able to safely move about on a variety of surfaces, including sand and stairs
    Bend, lean, twist and climb
    Pick up items weighing up to 30 pounds

    Have basic knowledge of, or ability to quickly gain working knowledge of:
    Effective use of household cleaners and cleaning tools
    Basic landscaping tools and techniques

    Have the ability to:
    Communicate effectively orally in order to effectively present information to their Supervisor
    Organize and use time effectively to accomplish priorities
    Give and accept constructive criticism
    Establish and maintain a professional relationship with home owners, guests and fellow staff
    Maintain composure in difficult situations

    Education and Experience
    This position requires a high school diploma or G.E.D. and at least 2 years experience in related position.

    Anticipated Starting Wages and Benefits
    This position shall be paid an hourly wage based on qualifications and experience. Major medical, a 401(k) retirement plan and other optional benefits are available to full-time Town Council employees.

    The Grounds-keeper is expected to use reasonable discretion in language, dress and manner to ensure the Seaside Town Council is perceived as a well-organized and effective organization. Smoking and other forms of tobacco shall not be used while in Seaside. Breaks shall be taken discretely and in no case on a beach pavilion, nor in a common area occupied by owners or guests. A lunch break of 30 minutes will be compensated only if the Groundskeeper remains onsite. Please refer to the Seaside Town Council Lunch and Break Policy.

    Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

    While this job description is intended to be an accurate reflection of the essential job required, management reserves the rights to modify, add, or remove duties from particular jobs and to assign other duties as necessary.

    Please email all resumes to

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