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Discussion in 'Say Hello to SoWal!' started by Kendra EV, May 9, 2019.

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    Hello beautiful people :)

    I was born 30 minutes from the beach, in CA. Santa Rosa reminds me of CA in so many ways. My husband and I have been "home sick" for Santa Rosa since vacationing there once.

    Apparently, this is common.

    We enjoy a slower, conservation oriented, active outdoorsy lifestyle.
    The average rental cost seems about the same here, as in Santa Rosa. Gas is cheaper, food similar, a lot more to do outside, scenery is paradise and plenty of volunteer opportunities (there). It seems like there are lifestyle opportunities along the Emerald Coast that we would love to offer our children, and the school systems have substantially higher ratings.

    Obviously I have a list of questions
    One of which is the cost of childcare? We have an almost 2 year old. Our current conversation is whether I will be staying home with her until she starts preschool, or I go back to work with her in an academic oriented childcare.
    Are there any landlords out there who are open to a multi-pet household? (A medium dog, teacup dog, and a cat who thinks hes a dog. All well behaved and trained)
    I've googled, and it seems like a realtors license is fairly attainable in FL. It also seems like that's a common license to hold? Is it worth getting my realtors license once there?

    Anyhow, I could talk all day if given a chance. Loved visiting your beautiful, friendly corner of the world. Anxious to visit and hopefully put down roots there with y'all!

    Have a fantastic end of your week and weekend!
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    :welcome: :sowal:

    Childcare, and most everything else in SoWal, is more expensive than other places. Rentals are in short supply. Pets narrow your choices.

    My running joke:
    When you cross the border in to Walton County the police will pull you over. But don't panic. They just need to issue you your real estate license.

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