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Sand Angel

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Mar 28, 2008
:clap:We got the dog back this evening! Walton County Animal Control picked her up late Monday afternoon. I called them Monday evening, Tuesday morning, Tuesday evening, and this morning. They never said they had the dog. My internet service has been dead at work for 2 days, making it difficult for me to check anything from there. A friend called today to say that the dog's photo had been posted today (sometime mid-morning) on the animal control website. I called animal control again to tell them that they did have our dog and made arrangements to get her back. In addition to having the dog for 2 days without telling me they had her when I called multiple times, I was given a warning citation when I finally got the dog back today.:dunno: After all, you can't let your dog run loose! I was told that no one returned phone calls from the phone number on the dog's tags. I have been driving to my in-law's house twice a day to see if the dog went home and to check the phone messages from anyone. Walton County Animal Control definitely has some communication issues!:bang: At least we finally located the poor dog, though. She will be a house dog until her owners come home! Thanks everybody for watching out for her!!!


SoWal Expert
Aug 29, 2005
grapevine, tx. /On the road to SoWal
I'm so glad she turned up. :clap::clap:Sorry you went through all frustrating I'm sure.


Beach Fanatic
Apr 21, 2008
For future reference- has listings from Alaqua Refuge (Freeport) and Allen Rescue (DFS) in addition to the usuals. Sometimes a nice (adoptable looking) dog is taken in when they get to Chipley (the pound). Not sure what the process is exactly... Both of the aforementioned are really good "no kill" shelters. Animal control leaves much to be desired. If you feel unsure about the info you get by phone, go in person!
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