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    Before I ask the question I should mention that I do have a realtor, but I want an unbiased answer...

    What is up with all the new construction that we have going on that doesn't include a garage? Or they have a one car garage with parking for one? Where are people supposed to park, or store their beach stuff? The parking on the street makes the neighborhood look horrible. Junky, may be the right word. It makes it hard, because the pools are gorgeous, but I don't really trust the developer for not thinking things through...

    So all the searching and driving around today, I have come to the conclusion that building a house may be in my near future. Does anyone have a lot over 1 acre for sale? One without flooding issues. I am looking to build 2500 plus feet, with a garage. Help?
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    The homes you are seeing might be built as rentals without a garage? Where are you seeing them?

    Hard to find lots over an acre - check Bay Magnolia or The Woods.

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