Henderson Park Inn?

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    Hey there everyone... Beach Girl and I honeymooned at Henderson Park Inn in 2000. It has been the most special place in the world to us since then. This Christmas we were staying in the Seagrove area and heard the disturbing news that it was going to be torn down. We were heartbroken. I contacted Abbott about this after returning home and they confirmed that it had been bought, sold, and was going to be replaced by condos.

    We know that Henderson Park Inn is still standing... and hopefully we'll get to see it again in a couple of weeks (we're coming down to Seagrove for a much needed vacation)... but, does anyone here know anything more about the plans for the Inn? Is it still going to be torn down? If so, when? Does a petition to save the Inn exist?

    I know there is probably no hope of saving it, but I just thought I'd see if anyone else here has any clue what is going on with this situation... Thanks!
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    Don't know anything about that but :welcome:

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