Hibiscus Presents: Luke Warm and the Backsliders!!

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    We are thrilled to be continuing our Tuesday night events in our magical backyard of LOVE.

    Tuesday, June 28th, come join us for a show benefiting A Simple Faith's Building Fund.

    For only 20.00, you get admission AND a Vegetarian Buffet Dinner! (Beer and Wine available for purchase)

    Food starts at 5:30 pm and show starts at 7:00 pm.

    See our poster below; please contact us with any questions.

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    Looks like a blast! thanks for posting! Luke Warm and the Backsliders, a unique band filled with local musicians. From A Simple Faith's blog:

    “Luke Warm and the Backsliders”
    Originally known as “Sawmill Gravy and the Biscuits”, The band began playing together in late 2007 in a unique way that can only be described as a “discovery.” Their current name is “Luke Warm and the Backsliders.”

    Initially, Bala Boyd, Bill McConnell, Joni Boyd, Ronnie McBrayer, Sean Dietrich, and Stuart Wood started singing a few songs together in church. The music and friendships developed until invitations were offered to play in other venues, and a band name was required. Mostly for fun, and because the largest part of the music world takes itself far too seriously, Sawmill Gravy and the Biscuits was born.

    There is no church band anywhere like the band at A Simple Faith!!! Over the years, the members have changed, but the fun, sometimes tear-jerking, sometimes foot-stomping, but always inspirational Gospel music hasn’t. The music is a sermon unto itself!

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    Thanks for this post. We will be there!!!

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