Hormone Replacement Therapy at the Office of Carmel Hawkin

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    Coastal Family Practice, the office of Carmel Hawkins, ARNP, FNP-board certified nurse practitioner now offering Pellet Hormone Replacement for men and women. Pellet therapy will be prescribed based on individual patient's needs after an office visit and lab work. Insurance will be utilized for cost of office visit, necessary lab work, and follow up appointments. Cost of pellets is the patient's responsibility and does not include the office visit and labs, which insurance may cover. Cash pay price for patients without insurance also available.

    Cost of pellets:
    Women - $500.00
    Men - $1000.00

    Cost of office visit without insurance:
    $165 + cost of labs

    Please call us with questions or to schedule an appointment.

    Coastal Family Practice and Acute Care Center
    9961 East County Highway 30A Suite 5
    Seacrest Beach, Florida 32413
    Phone: 850-231-9286
    Email: info@coastalfamilypractice.net
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