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Job Available House Keeper for Rental Home - Saturday cleaning only

Discussion in 'Employment' started by indianapolice, May 11, 2018.

  1. indianapolice

    indianapolice Beach Comber

    Aug 11, 2011
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    Please help us locate a good Cleaning Service - must be licensed, bonded, / insured or be willing to sign a notarized liability release waiver.

    We a own a small VRBO home www.vacationon30a.com A 3 bedroom (1100 square ft). Located inside the Village of Blue Mountain neighborhood off 30A and CR83 (Blue Mountain Beach).

    Since 2015 we have had a very good cleaning lady that took great care of our properties. Now she has decided to retire and we find ourselves looking for someone who can fill some big shoes and high expectations. We are hunting for: 1st RELIABLE - 2nd PROVIDES QUALITY - 3rd A REASONABLE PRICE.

    If anyone can help us with recommendations or who to contact please reply or feel free to email usgetawayon30a@gmail.com we need to find someone by May 15th 2018.

    Thanks in advance!

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