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florida girl

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Feb 3, 2006
Santa Rosa Beach
Re: How about a SoWal for kids?


I vote no kid's forum on SoWal.

Nothing but a good excuse for all the prudes to try to censor the rest of us 'because the children might see'.

Besides, your kid doesn't need to spend any more time in front of the computer, or TV. Kick their butts outside and make 'em play, you know- with real people instead of online buddies.

Speaking from one who will admit to spending time on the pc, can you blame the kids? The thing is fascinating! Practise what you preach! Maybe some should "Kick their adult butts outside and make 'em play" And who said the kids forum would be on the same site? I think there should be a link from the site, not the SoWal message board. As for the school site, they don't really have much, and they are limited to school board approved functions.
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