Humane Education Symposium on May 18th @ Dog-Harmony

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    Join us on May 18th for a half-day seminar (9:00am-12:30pm) at Dog-Harmony for our quarterly Humane Education Symposium led by Pets Behave, LLC. Tickets are $40 and include coffee and snacks (including Culver's ice cream).

    Location: 237 Market Street, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

    Topics include:

    Learn to Talk Dog
    Humans talk, dogs observe. Our dogs are giving us cues and signals with their body language all the time. However, most of the time we don’t recognize these signals. You will learn how to listen with your eyes and steps to better communication.

    Calming Dog Reactivity
    HELP! My dog barks, lunges, growls at other dogs? These dogs are reactive for a variety of reasons, fear, over stimulation, frustration, and excitement. This presentation will help you understand reactivity and aggression. We will discuss reasons why a dog may develop a behavior problem and strategies to help calm your reactive dog.

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