Hurricane supplies tax free 6/1-6/12

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    Even though hurricane season doesn?t start until June 1, Florida residents are waiting to stock storm supplies to take advantage of the tax holiday created in the last legislative session.
    The Florida Legislature has designated June 1 through June 12 as a tax holiday for certain hurricane supplies.
    The list of tax-exempt supplies includes flashlights, batteries, tarps, radios, coolers and generators worth up to $750. Plywood is not covered.
    ?This legislation encourages individual responsibility by providing citizens with an opportunity to buy hurricane supplies tax free. I hope that this measure will encourage citizens to prepare early for hurricane season," said State Rep. Ron Greenstein (D-Coconut Creek) who co-sponsored the bill with State Rep. Holly Benson (R-Pensacola).
    "Last year's rush to the stores resulted in a huge windfall of sales tax revenue for the state government," said Greenstein. "Florida indirectly profited from our citizen's hard times, and it is only right that we give them a break this year.?
    Hardware stores in South Walton had not received guidelines from the Florida Department of Revenue, but were aware of impending the tax-free holiday.
    The public will save approximately $10 million during this tax holiday. The average household will save approximately $30.

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