For Sale Hydrobikes For Christmas! Layaway Option

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    What is a Hydrobike?

    In short they are bicycles made for the water. Designed by an aeronautical engineer, they are built to be ridden in shallow flat water or in swells up to 4 feet and anything in between.
    Fishing. swimming, cruising, sunbathing, diving... No matter how you like to Hydrobike, they make a great addition to your families water toys. Hydrobikes are speedy, efficient and fun! That means more fun for less work and they are faster and more stable than other human powered watercraft! Thanks to our new layaway program Hydrobikes are easier than ever to own.
    How can I get one?
    Simply give us a call at Emerald Coast Hydrobikes to arrange a demo.
    Hydrobikes are $2499.00 for the single rider, Explorer I and $4799.00 for the Explorer II which allows two people to ride side by side on one bike.
    What about that Layaway program?
    It is easy! You choose the down payment, and how many payments you want to make. We charge no interest or fees.
    Pay it off by December 1st for guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas. Expect delivery in mid December.
    Hydrobikes are kind of big to hide, what if I wanted it delivered later?
    Select our Christmas Eve or Christmas Day delivery option.

    Contact Emerald Coast Hydrobkes today to create your layaway plan!

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