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If you want something funn and different to do tonight

Discussion in 'Events and Activities' started by Jennifer Steele, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. Jennifer Steele

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    Jun 13, 2005
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    2282 Scenic 30A West
    Tonight at 7pm at the Seaside Repertory Theatre, Escape to Create artist in residence Kimberly Dilts will read Abby and June, a play in development.

    Kimberly Dilts, an actor/writer based out of New York City has spent the last several weeks in Seaside writing and developing a play that was born out of her travels around the globe. Kim has been workshopping the new piece with the Rep's Craige Hoover. Along with Rep veteran Teance Blackburn, Kim will read her play as it stands and look for feedback from the audience in atendence. Yours truly will be reading the stage directions!
    Admission is free!
    To learn more about the Seaside Institute's Escape To Create program, visit http://www.theseasideinstitute.org/net/content/go.aspx?s=17583.0.79.7801.

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