Jimmy Watters Memorial Service

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    James Daniel Watters well known by his family and friends as ?Jimmy Lee Love? and ?Big Jimmy?. Jimmy passed away Oct 22nd 2010 at Delta Health
    Care Center Destin Fl. James was born July 18 1949 Hartford California. He was the son of H.C. and Lillian Watters.
    James is preceded in death by Loving Mother Lillian Watters, and Step Mother Katherine Watters.

    He is survived by Father H.C. Watters Santa Rosa Beach, Brothers Walter Watters, Sacramento Calf. H.C. Watters Jr. Denver Colorado, Richard
    Watters San Francisco Calf. Sisters Glenda Kennedy, Kelso Washington, Linda Long, Kelso Washington, and Marilyn Kennedy, Oregon and Son,
    Richard Watters and His dog and favorite companion of 7 years ?Luddy?

    Jimmy own and ran a construction business Watter?s Construction and several other businesses throughout his life. He was a fun, loving life kind of guy.
    All that knew and spent time with Jimmy knew and loved him like family. He was always willing to give 100 % into any charity or events that were many.
    Some of his favorite things to do were to spend time with his family friends, Stephanie and Trudy & kids along with Teddy & Debbie, Mary Catherine and
    family, Candy & Ernie and family, The Sisters, Ray, Angie, Tony & Kari, Dave & Tammy, Dee & Jim just to name a few. Big Jimmy had many friends he
    called his family.

    His past time was mostly spent on the ?Life of 30a? as he and his friends called it. He loved the beach; he loved to go to Biloxi and on the cruise ships to
    the Caribbean and Mexico. He loved to take trips to the Smoky Mountains fishing and standing in the cold creek water there high on the Blue Mountains.
    He also was a Tandem Sky Diver and also finished his AFF (Accelerated Fast Fall) level of Skydiving; he loved the thrill to jump out of a perfectly good

    ?Jimmy Lee Love? was the life of the party where ever he went. All of his friends loved to listen to Jimmy singing Karaoke. He loved to sit with his friends
    and tell many stories. Some we believed to be fictional, but certainly were the most interesting stories. He would entertain you as you sat with him for
    hours on hours while listening to him or him listening to you. Thank you, Jimmy for being in our lives. Thank you for being our friend. Thank you for just
    being you. Jimmy had a heart as big as the World. He was one of those people that would take the only shirt off his back and give it to someone in need.
    This indeed was our Jimmy, Our friend, our confidant, and to many he was like a Father or like a brother. All of us are sadden by our loss and we shed
    tears but we also rejoice that our Dear Lord has taken his soul to his glorious home in Heaven to be with him and to become one of his Angels and to be
    with his friends that are already there with you, JR., Stucco John, Wade, Richard and Dean. We will miss you with all our hearts

    Memorial Services are to be held Ed Waline Park on 30a Sunday November the 7th 2010 at 3:30 pm
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    blue mtn.
    Thank you for posting such a true and wonderful tribute. Jimmy sure will be missed by many in our community. I will miss his sweet smile and the kind words he always had.
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    He will be dearly missed by all!!! He was so loved by all and he loved family and friends. I skydived with him my first time.what a day!!! He loved mountain trips with our family.he was with our family when we lost our brother...may you rest in peace big Jimmy and tell Woodie hello.
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    I miss him already. Things just won't be the same.
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    He was a great guy who I never saw without a smile.
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    Used to be a whole group of us play golf at Red Bay among other places, Jimmy was always a key player along with hoho

    Saw him at Shoo Mamas a few weeks back and was glad to have at least some time to catch up

    Will be missed
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    Historic Old Point Washington
    Thank you for the tribute to Jimmy, you said it well! Many memories of Jimmy in Cape San Blas, the DewBerry Festival and more. Always so much fun to be with, so sincere, so kind and thoughtful. Jimmy has SOOO many friends and he is dearly missed by me and many.

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