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Grayton Beer Company is seeking an experienced Laboratory Manager. Experience performing microbiological, chemical and physical quality control testing in an industrial, clinical or food processing environment is required.

This team member will conduct biological and chemical analysis, sensory checks and field analysis to ensure our quality standards are met.

The role will include, but is not limited to:

- Monitoring all aspects of batches undergoing fermentation including: pH and gravity

- Yeast management including all yeast cell counts, viability, and propagation

- Utilizing sterile technique for collection of samples for bacterial plating and colony analysis

- Preparation of microbiological media for bacterial plating

- Routine analysis on finished product including: turbidity, dissolved oxygen, sensory analysis, pH, IBU and color

- Continuous documentation in laboratory quality control log and construction of weekly quality

control report for the company’s operations report

- Calibration and maintenance of laboratory instruments including: pH meter, dissolved oxygen meter, turbidity meter, and spectrophotometer

- Ordering and maintaining inventory of laboratory supplies

- Maintaining, developing, and understanding laboratory and brewing control practices such as GMPs and HACCP

Our ideal candidate will have a Bachelor of Science degree in a related science discipline and a minimum of three years of applicable experience. The person should have strong interpersonal skills and work well in a team environment. Qualified applicants will demonstrate outstanding planning skills, an analytical mind and be technically savvy. The candidate must demonstrate strong problem-solving skills and the ability to work with a variety of stakeholders to deliver results. Excellent communication skills are a must since the position requires advocating for quality standards across the entire organization, presenting in both formal and informal group settings. Strong leadership and influencing skills are also important to be effective.

A growth mindset is critical to be successful here at Grayton Beer. We view challenges as opportunities and encourage our team members to value the process of growing both professionally and personally. Empowering people to learn across departments and work closely with other team members will be a critical part your development and our success.

About Us: Grayton Beer Company is located in the middle of the most picturesque and pristine coastal landscape in the country. We are proud to be a positive force in our local culture and economy and we take great pride in providing the highest quality beer available in our region, while striving to achieve new heights in quality, innovation and efficiency.

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