Local archeology lecture at Seaside - 5/7/05

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    Dr. Judy Bense, head of the archaeology program at the University of West Florida, will present an illustrated lecture at Seaside followed by an archaeological field trip to Camp Helen State Park on May 7.
    Bense?s PowerPoint presentation will feature highlights of the results of two decades of archaeological studies conducted in northwest Florida, including both pre-Columbian Indian and post-Columbian historical archaeology. The talk will include images from excavating shipwrecks in Pensacola Bay from the colonial and later historic periods, images and information about the 18th century Spanish colonial presidios along the northwest Florida Gulf Coast, and the largest water-powered mill in northwest Florida: Arcadia from the Antebellum early 19th century. The presentation will feature both how archaeology is done and northwest Florida?s archaeology.
    Indians thrived in this region for 10,000 years before Columbus, and with all the environmental changes that have occurred during these millennia, they developed several distinct ways of life. Soon after Columbus discovered the Americas, Spanish galleons and fleets began to cruise along our coasts and bays. For 300 years northwest Florida was under Spanish control and they have left an archaeological record, especially in the Pensacola area. In 1559, Tristan de Luna attempted to settle Pensacola, but was hit by a hurricane six weeks after landing. One of his shipwrecks has been found and studied in Pensacola Bay by UWF archaeologists.
    Bense has focused her research for the last decade on the 18th century "Presidios" in northwest Florida established under the colony of "New Spain" (Mexico), and she will share her discoveries. The lecture will last approximately one hour, and will be followed by a voluntary field trip to Camp Helen State Park at Phillips Inlet on U.S. Highway 98, about 20 minutes east of Seaside. At Camp Helen, Bense will give a short lecture in the restored lodge on the prehistoric archaeological site that underlies the park followed by a walking tour of the 1,000-year-old site and burial mound. The talk and walking tour will last about one hour.
    Seating is limited and reservations are suggested. Reserve at (850) 231-3209.
    For more information on the Artists and Scholars Series, contact Kim Turner at (850) 231-3209 or e-mail kimturnerscf@aol.com.
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