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    Hello 30A vacation home owners,

    My name is Kendall Bennett and I am a college student who owns a small beach chairs and bonfire company. I have lived on 30A for 18 years now. I love meeting other locals and providing my services to them.
    I have the best pricing and service.

    Beach chairs:
    - 1 set (two chairs and an umbrella)
    Per day: $40
    Per week: $150

    Regular bonfire:
    -Includes 8 chairs, fire pit, wood, tiki torches and a personal bonfire attendant:
    -Includes what the regular bonfire does plus s'mores, a tablecloth, a cooler and ice.

    Contact me at:
    (850) 797-5077
    Beach Chair Rentals 30A – Beach Chairs and Bonfires Seagrove Beach Florida

    Just so you know I do not set up "ghost chairs".

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