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    Hello everyone My husband and I are desperately in need of a long term rental house in the Miramar Beach/Destin area as close to the ocean as possible. We moved here 4 years ago from KY due to my declining health. The lung transplant doctors at Duke University had done some trial studies on the healing properties of the ocean for pulmonary fibrosis patients and they advised me to move out of the mountains and close to the ocean in an effort to help me avoid having a double lung transplant! So with Gods help we found a nice house to rent on Newman Drive/Port of Call area where we have been for the last 4 years and my health has improved immensely! However, the owner of our rental is an elderly lady who is now sick and has sold the house. Our lease is up May 1 and finding a home nearby has been a difficult task but going back to KY is practically a death sentence for me. I have been in contact with a couple of rental companies and have asked for any help or information they might have regarding a rental But haven’t had any luck as of yet!! We need to stay as close to 1700 a month as possible! That's what we paid here on Newman and we've been able to handle that along with our mortgage on our home in KY that we haven't been able to sell due to the clean energy act that depleted our economy there in eastern KY! It's only me and my husband our adult daughters leave together over in Destin and we don't have any pets however our youngest daughter has a service dog that she has when she visits us! I could never turn my daughter’s away for any reason and our sweet Bella is part of the family but I completely understand if that's a deal breaker. We can get exceptional rental references!! You can call/text anytime! We appreciate any and all help/prayers!

    Tracy Hunt

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