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    Join us for a great day at Fit Your Way on 30A. If you need an early morning dose of intensive and focused training then come to our Circuits/Bootcamp/TRX Training at 8:30 AM. Marcia will put you through a complete workout using circuit stations with motivating bootcamp exercises and a mix of TRX training thrown in to wring it all out!

    Tabata = "A Tabata is a high-intensity workout protocol that has fitness and weight-loss benefits. It is also a very short workout." Join Kelly at 10:15 am for a fast and intense 30 minute workout which is sure to get your body moving!
    Tabata Tuesday And A Whole Lot More!

    Mat Pilates
    "Adding new types of exercises and fitness classes to your workout program can keep you from getting bored and help you see continued progress." This is Mat Pilates with Kelly...if your workout needs to be "super-charged" then come to join Kelly at 11:00 am. You will love it!

    Finish off your day with Latin Rhythms and burn off the days worries and burdens. Zumba with Marcia will be a great ending to any day! Join Marcia at 6:00 pm. End your beachy day the right way.....

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