Wanted Looking for long-term rental on 30A: studio, room, carriage house, affordable

Discussion in 'Rentals - Long Term' started by Erin Harvey, Mar 9, 2015.

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    Feb 15, 2015
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    Hello all! I am looking for a long-term rental on 30A for a second home. I have recently moved back to Mississippi and am so excited to be within a short drive of where I have vacationed for years. My best friend and her husband just moved down there with their year old twin girls and am looking for a place that will be near them in Seacrest. Preferably close to the beach as I LOVE the beach. I currently work from home in MS with a very flexible schedule which will hopefully allow me to split my time equally b/t MS and 30A. I LIVE for the beach and feel at home when I am there. I do not care one thing about amenities and can deal with super small space, but am looking for affordability and serenity. Look forward to hearing what's out there! Thanks!

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