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    ?SHINING EXAMPLE OF GROWTH:' Destin businessman named Franchisee of the Year for turning a negative into a positive
    By Katy Houghton Destin Log
    02/16/2011 2:04 PM
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    Oil and water did mix for one area businessman.
    Despite the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the economic recession, Destin-based America?s Swimming Pool Company saw immense growth in sales in the past year.
    ?I turned it into a positive by promoting to resorts whose pools would become their No. 1,? said Ryan Eiland, co-owner and manager of America?s Swimming Pool Company.
    Eiland was recently recognized for his work when he was named 2010 Franchisee of the Year at the annual corporate meeting in Macon, Ga.
    Located at 59 LongLake Drive, the franchise provides comprehensive swimming pool services along the Emerald Coast from Panama City Beach to Fort Walton Beach. Services include pool maintenance, pool cleaning, swimming pool equipment installation, repair and full service swimming pool renovation.
    Eiland started up his franchise business Feb. 15, 2008, as a back-up plan to his career in medical sales.
    ?I had been working in the field for 10 years and noticed sales were shrinking,? said Eiland. ?And in September 2008, they let me go.?
    Starting out, Eiland had one employee and focused on maintaining residential pools. However, 2009 brought in twice as much business and he expanded to commercial pool maintenance.
    ?Our maintenance guys start at 3 a.m. with our commercial properties,? said Eiland. ?We make sure the pools are up and running and look great at all times.?
    In the past year, Eiland has added four new employees and three new trucks and is expected to add to those numbers.
    In addition to increasing sales by 168 percent, Stewart Vernon, CEO and founder, said Ryan?s strong business mind and his work ethic have made him a shining example of the growth a franchisee can experience, despite the shaky economy.
    ?We have seen a dramatic change in Ryan?s business,? said Vernon. ?He has seen triple-digit growth for the past three years.?
    In the upcoming year, Vernon says Eiland is projected to have a 50 percent increase in sales. Eiland contributes his success to his employees, working hard and the support from his family
    ?No one can out work me or offer better service,? he said.

    Ryan Eiland
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    Congrats Ryan!

    i'd like to add a recommendation for this pool service company. I have a very small pool at the house I'm renting and Ryan and crew have given top notch pool maintenance service this post year! They treated my little pool as professionally as if it were a large commercial account.

    And any time I call with questions, Ryan personally answers my call right away. Case in point, this winter I was visited by a pesky raccoon that decided my pool was a good place for a latrine, several days in a row.... I freaked! Each morning I called Ryan in a panic and each time they came right out and cleaned my pool spic and span. Most reliable service company I've ever used.

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