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Beach Comber
Feb 28, 2021
My name is Meg Oyler, and I moved here from Los Angeles, CA. I have over 6 years experience in marketing and social media and 2 years experience specifically in the hospitality industry. I am well versed in:

-Social Media Strategies - Weekly and Monthly
-Influencer Public Relations & Partnerships
-SEO Optimization
-Paid Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok Campaigns
- Content Creation (product photography, video creation, GIFS, logo and graphic design, etc) (Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom certified)
- Organic Growth and Brand Awareness
- Cretative strategy and 9 square development

For reference, I’ve grown several brands on TikTok from 0- 85k organic followers in less than 8 months, resulting in $90k+ in revenue.

I have strong attention to detail and is very organized.

In California, I worked with small and big brands ranging from skincare to camping to health to activewear. I’ve also established brands with influencers (15k or
more followers) for partnerships and collaborations. Social Media Marketing isn’t just my career but something I truly love doing. Being able to grow brands on social media and seeing a higher ROI from online bookings or sales is what Marketing is all about.

Looking for a part time or full time position.

If you have a social media or marketing position open, please text me at (941) 228-5325! Thank you so much!
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