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Al Tal

Beach Crab
Jun 26, 2019
Headin' Towards 30A
Hi SoWal!

My family (me, wife, 2 month-old baby) are another one of the same story: former 30a vacationers seriously considering a move to your paradise.

After lots of research, I've narrowed our potential neighborhood list down to:
- watersound origins
- point washington area
- Santa Rosa Beach (particularly area near Van R Butler)

Our biggest concern is finding community. We are in our 30s and used to living in mid-sized cities (Austin, Nashville). We understand everything is on beachtime down there, but want to set ourselves up for success in developing friendships.

I've heard Watersound Origins has an active social calendar for its families - can anyone give me more detail about these events?

Thanks for the help! Any other thoughts on the other two areas are tremendously appreciated, too!


Beach Lover
Oct 3, 2008
We’ve lived in two of the three places and enjoyed them both for different reasons. Will send a PM with more details, let me know if it doesn’t go through. Good news is you can’t go wrong with either one!
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