Wanted Month of July Rental Wanted for My Mom With Cancer

Discussion in 'Rentals - Vacation' started by tutic1971, May 11, 2018.

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    Hello SoWal:

    I am a local and live off of 393 near Gulf Place. My mom has cancer and we are planning to get her treatment in Dothan. Her prognosis is questionable at this point and we will know more as we see how her body responds to treatment. We hope she will be finished with treatment by the end of June. We are looking for a beachfront condo or house to rent for the entire month of July. We are trying to create a peaceful place for her to hopefully heal and take in the ocean for a month, where her 5 children can take turns visiting her. I realize this is a tall order with the high season about to start, but I am hopeful that by putting it out there someone will respond. While something near Gulf Place would be ideal for us, anywhere along 30A would work as long as it is on the beach. You can private message me on the forum or text or call me at 502-541-9623 if you know of something.



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