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Jun 19, 2012
According to your logic the four year old toddler who takes daddy's gun from the top of the night stand and shoots his little sister in the head is the one to blame.

Pappaj, that is some brilliant logic you posit and I'm sure most everyone will agree with you. Who wouldn't blame a four year old if their parent was that irresponsible? That obviously equates to an adult stealing a firearm from a unlocked or locked home or vehicle and shooting someone. PS-What in the world are you smoking?

John G

Beach Fanatic
Jul 16, 2014
Funny, that's the same question many are asking after reading your post.
It actually appears that you and I may have common ground on the fact that negligent gun owners, leaving weapons unsecured, are idiots... What a wonderful world.

Here's the update as this plague continues...

Following a rash of burglaries over the weekend, nine more cars were burglarized overnight this past Tuesday in the area of Seagrove in Walton County. All cars were left unlocked. Two handguns were stolen. The burglaries took place on or in the area of Gulf Cove Court between 7pm Tuesday and 10am Wednesday morning. Walton County Sheriff’s Office has increased patrols and is actively investigating all cases. However, law enforcement needs the public’s cooperation in securing your vehicles. “These are crimes of opportunity,” said Sheriff Adkinson. “They are not going to take the risk of smashing a car window when they can find one that’s unlocked.” We encourage anyone with information to call the Walton County Sheriff’s Office at (850)-892-8111.

Here's my question: How many deputies are at work in this specific area during these time where the crimes are reported? How many are burning comp time or vacation time due to other assignments?

Did someone know that our staffing would be below normal during the weeks Prior to Labor Day and thus we have a new crime spree?
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Feb 18, 2016
Maybe the key here is that there are multiple levels of responsibility. For whatever reason, some people just can't seem to resist temptation, so I feel responsible to help them resist my stuff by hiding or removing tempting things from sight, locking my car, setting my alarm, and putting my car in the garage with the door down if I have that option. I feel even MORE responsible to help someone who has little self control resist getting hold of my firearm or any other weapon. Certainly people can make a mistake, but getting in the habit of helping people resist the temptation to help themselves to your stuff works pretty well. A little like auto-pilot.


SoWal Insider
Oct 9, 2015
Best quote from the article.
“We still have a shift to maintain. We still have to respond to other people’s calls, in progress crimes. There are so many other things we could be doing. Myself, I’ve said, ‘Listen, ma’am, I’ll be back later. I have a bank alarm going off.’ It’s a lot of work for not locking your car.

“The victim has a choice. They’ve made themselves a target,” Aloy said.


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Jan 21, 2005
Louisville KY
Heading down there soon - I guess. Anyway, I have been cautious -not paranoid - for a long time. If we are out front, I make certain the back door is locked, and vice versa. I keep the doors locked when we are inside, because we might go upstairs or downstairs. We keep our car doors locked. Garage door down - especially since there are things in there - beer, tailgating, and beach supplies AND another entrance to our house. Years ago, I learned to carry a small purse or have one in my bigger bag AND never put it in the car to go somewhere. 'They' will break into your car, not just check to see if it is unlocked - especially if you are in a exercise area/trail. It happens everywhere. We just have to not help them. Guns. Guns are only good for one thing. Hurting someone or a animal. If I buy a knife, I'm buying it to slice an apple, cook with it. A big rock out front, for decorative purposes? My car? For getting from point A to point B. Painful when children are accidentally killed with a gun, whether by sibling/friend or drive by. Heartbreaking when used in domestic violence. NRA got what they wanted. Almost everyone is armed. Still not certain why they wanted everyone armed.
Heading down soon. Vacation might not be what we had planned but that doesn't matter. After Harvey, you can only hope for minimal impact/damage.
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