Motor City Josh at Seabar and The 331 club (High Energy, Powerful, Entertaining)

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    At the Seabar Sunday july 2 and at the 331 Club Monday july 3rd doors open at 9pm High Energy, Powerful, Entertaining, Party Starting, Danceable, Top Quality...
    Funky Blues You Can't Refuse!

    Motor City Josh & The Big 3 have a mission to bring the "Funky Blues You Can't Refuse!" to everyone: young, old, black, white, rich or poor all over the planet. If there are 50 people or 5000 you will get a great show with loads of entertainment. No one has more fun on stage than Josh and it is very contagious to the crowd. We have made people p*** themselves because they don't wanna go to the bathroom in fear of missing something.

    When you come to a show you will laugh, dance, drink lots, talk loud and have a funky good time!
    Josh started as a full time Blues musician back in 1991 with The Curtis Sumter Project. Then went on to form Motor City Josh & The Big 3 in 1994.
    From 2000 to 2004 Josh was based in Atlanta and has a great following there.
    Detroit Michigan native Motor City Josh is currently based out of Chicago IL. Performing around 300 shows a year which include most of the United States, England and Scotland, Josh has built a substantial following everywhere he goes.
    If this is your first time visiting the web site or learning about the band,
    welcome to the rapidly growing family of 'Funky Blues You Can't Refuse!
    Please take time to have a look around the site, check out the music samples, pictures, our itinerary - and send us an email as we are probably motorin' to a town near you!
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