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Beach Crab
Apr 25, 2019
memphis, tn
Hi! I am a photographer and am planning to come to the Santa Rosa area for several weeks to a month at a time during the Summer and again in October and November. I am a VERY OCD clean person, so If you have a house that you would like to just have a body in to help keep it maintained and clean + COLLECT RENT, I am your girl! I have 2 dogs that are beyond well trained and I am an obsessive vacuumer ;) so I promise to keep your place in perfect condition at all times.

I have a super flexible schedule so I could always work around times when you and other guests would be there! Even if you live in your home and have other trips planned. I could come when you are away and serve as a HOUSESITTER :) and even PETSITTER!

I have rentals of my own so I know what it is like to have others living in a house that you truly care about, so I promise, PROMISE to take excellent care of your home and abide by any rules and guidelines you provide!

Thanks in advance! I look forward to chatting :)
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