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Mural artist Daniel Fila coming from Miami to paint Destin Commons walls Mar 22-30

Discussion in 'Events and Activities' started by Teresa, Mar 20, 2017.

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    Destin Commons is introducing a new art initiative that will invite artists to create original mural art on walls throughout the outdoor lifestyle center.

    “During 2017, we will have both regional and national artists from around the country creating their own distinctive original works of art,” said Heather Ruiz, marketing manager of Destin Commons. “Our first artist to be featured will be Daniel Fila. He will be coming here from Miami creating his works of art live from March 22 through March 30.”

    Daniel Fila, also known as Krave, is a multi-faceted artist whose work ranges from mural installations to figurative and abstract paintings, animations and urban sculpture using a range of mediums, techniques and aesthetics. Born in Miami, Fila was influenced by his father, a commercial artist and began sketching as a young boy in order to express himself and distinguish his unique identity.

    Ultimately, art led Fila to obtaining a extensive art education in some of the country’s most respected schools and on his path to urban culture and street visual art in public spaces. Fila was an early pioneer in Miami’s urban art scene. His most famous work is “The Sunbather”, a mural located on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami that achieved international exposure when it was featured in Michael Bay’s movie, “Pain and Gain”, starring Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson in 2003.

    Destin locals and visitors are invited to watch Fila in action as he creates his murals in Destin Commons. He will be painting at the south end of the property next to Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl & Grill, as well as in the parking garage street entrance from March 22 through March 30.

    Destin Commons is located at the corner of Highway 98 and the Mid Bay Bridge Road. Visit www.DestinCommons.com, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information.


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