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Jul 14, 2007
I told ya the Aubbies were not as bad as advertised. That said, I couldn't figure out why so many people were jumping on the Starkville Express bandwagon before the season began. We're about to find out alot about Tennessee and Florida this week. And LSU who I feel could comfortably beat MSU without throwing a single pass (they will pass, of course, but MSU run defense is terrible) will continue to roll. Georgia is ready for the proverbial fork stickin'. Bring on week three!

Want to change your opinion now? Way to go Clemson!

Great job Vandy deNutting the Black Bears!!!!

Now if UCLA can beat the shorthorns...
Hubby's flight to Barcelona just left. I emailed him a pdf of all of the scores from cbssportsline right before Delta made everyone turn off electronics. I wish he were not incommunicado.Bobby J, I know that your daughter knows Chris Rainey. She must be really happy, especially after Chris has performed so well after he was disparaged on ESPN.


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Jul 14, 2007
Welcome to life under the "Reverend" will only go south from here....Hottie Toddy :cool:
Quote posted on 10/10/09

Saturday 9/17/11: Vandy 30 Ole Miss 7

From the Ole Miss AD Pete Boone a couple hours after the loss

“It’s unacceptable,” he said when reminded the Rebels are now 1-9 in their last 10 SEC football games. “That’s not Ole Miss, and we’ve got to find a way to change that. This is just not the kind of football Ole Miss is supposed to play or is going to play.”

Email sent on 9/18/11 from the AD to the donors.....

"Dear ,
The Rebel Family is the most important part of Ole Miss Athletics. Without your generous support month after month, year after year and generation after generation, Ole Miss would not be what it is today - a destination university for Mississippians as well as the nation. The richness of tradition and pride that encompasses Ole Miss fans all over the world is unparalleled. The fullness of the Ole Miss football experience that you deserve and have generously invested in, has not lived up to expectations recently. Coach Nutt and I met today and discussed the current state of Ole Miss football. Both of us are extremely disappointed in our performance this year. We agreed that to be successful, this disappointment must be met head on with solutions for improvement. We discussed several areas that needed improvement and I support Coach Nutt in his effort to correct those areas.

As I have said, Saturday's performance and our running two-season SEC record are unacceptable. Our commitment to compete at a championship level is as strong as ever and we will succeed! We need your continued support of the team as Saturday is another SEC weekend and we need you here!


Pete Boone Director of Athletics"

In short.....:trainwreck:


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May 8, 2007
Well, that game was just so surprising I did a spit take and spewed my Dom Perignon into the Beluga caviar. Luckily the dog wasn't startled - would hate for her to have knocked over her Waterford dish that was a gift from the Shah of Persia. :roll:

Kurt Lischka

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Oct 15, 2004
Noles. Before the game.

Noles @ Clemson was so fun to listen to on Sirius. Today was a shopping day for me at Lenox, so thankfully I heard the most exciting part of the game in the car.

And one of the easiest touchdowns ever just happened in the UF game. Bobby J, you know Demps and Rainey and how they were recruited by Meyer. Hope Muschamp and Weiss get that message. Speed kills.

EDIT: Muschamp, I know you are a defensive guy, but find at least two good quarterbacks better than Brantley. Brantley isn't a Timmy T. I repeat that you need to find some fast guys. Then you won't have to look so stressed on the sidelines.
EDIT2: Come on LSU! Help us prove that SEC rules! OOPS! LSU personal foul. Do you have a brain?
EDIT3: 99 yd return for a TD from a player from "Shreesport," as my relatives in Tyler call it. Go SEC!
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