Need a PorchBed or SwingBed?

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    Need a porchbed or swingbed for your porch or pool? Or just a new outdoor mattress & pillows?

    Hi, just letting the SoWal community know about our porchbeds - swingbeds we custom make.

    We also offer outdoor mattresses which are comfortable and weather worthy! Plus Sunbrella outdoor mattress covers, throw pillows, or bolsters to finish your new porchbed or swing bed. Add outdoor drapery and you have that new outdoor living space you've been wanting!

    Need new outdoor furniture cushions sewn or new foam inserts... we can do it!

    Custom projects, no problem... just call us! Small family business! Great craftsmanship and great materials equal a great product!

    Check us out at: www.PorchBeds.Biz
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