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    Hello! I hope you are all staying safe and healthy in this difficult time.

    My name is Sydney and I am searching for families who need help with (virtual) tutoring and general schoolwork now that almost everyone is at home. I can also assist with SAT/ACT prep (my SAT score was 2260/2400 with an 800 verbal)

    I am a college senior and have experience tutoring for a variety of ages. I can help with most subjects up through the High School level, at which point I have the most experience with English and Social Studies subjects. I also have an upper-intermediate level of proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and am able to assist those beginning their studies in Chinese.

    Let me know if you are interested - I have a pretty open schedule now that all of my classes are online as well. Feel free to reach out for availability and pricing. I will conduct tutoring sessions over Zoom or a similar service.

    Thank you,
    Sydney Senior

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