Need Wedding Dress Alterations

Discussion in 'Business, Goods and Services' started by furymom, Jul 4, 2011.

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    Can anyone recommend a good seamstress to hem and slightly alter a wedding dress?

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    Near the ATL and in SoWal as often as possible
    Don't even get me started on weddding dress alterations. The bride-to-be picks a dress. The salepeople talk her into buying a dress slightly larger than she needs in case she gains weight. Also when the bride is tall and she hasn't picked her shoes yet, they talk her into buying extra length. Their profit is in alterations. If you live near Atlanta, don't get scammed by a certain bridal shop in north of I-285 near Roswell Road. We splurged on a $4500 Christos dress, we paid an extra $1500 for the length that they talked us into, and then several fittings to downsize it which cost an extra $1000. When we picked it up, it was too late for alterations, so we ended up paying $7000 for a dress that didn't fit.

    Same deal with my dress. They said I needed extra length. I told them I was wearing flats because of plantar fasciitis.They cut off more than the extra length they told me to order, and then I tripped over it all during the wedding. The dress ended up costing me three times the price tag due to alterations.

    Get your alterations at a tailoring shop you trust, not the bridal salon. I am convinced that their profits are primarily from alterations.

    I can't suggest seamstresses in the SoWal area, but don't trust bridal salons.
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    BUMP! I need a good seamstress as well, and well, the last response wasn't exactly helpful- just adding stress to a bride's already stressful day. Goodness- and good luck!

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