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Beach Comber
Feb 2, 2014
Hi -

We are looking to build a home along 30 A. Wondering how the build price per square foot compares from Seaside, Watercolor and Seagrove area? I understand there is a "range" depending on finishes, etc, but does anyone know the range for each community?

Thank you!


Beach Comber
Feb 2, 2014
I am bumping this again, as 151 people looked at it but no one answered :sosad:
Maybe I can broaden my question. How much does it cost to build (price per square foot) in Walton county? Did you build a house? If so, how long ago? What did it cost? Thank you!

Lake View Too

SoWal Insider
Nov 16, 2008
Eastern Lake
Costs per square foot vary greatly depending on specifications. It all depends on what finishes you want. $100 per foot is do-able if you keep your aspirations very low. $200 per foot will get you something very, very nice. It can also vary by how many stories.


Beach Lover
Jun 16, 2016
I think people are hesitant to answer because construction is going gangbusters in Walton county. Right now is a supply-demand pricing situation with good contractors & subs. I spoke with some electricians today and they were sharing how they can't keep up with new build-outs, nor can they find dependable labor. Shop around and ask lots of questions. Sorry I was unable to provide a number as market conditions are in flux and not beneficial for the homeowner. Finding a good contractor is priority.


Beach Comber
Jul 20, 2014
I would agree with marmont's answer. Finding a builder is one thing but finding subs to do the work is another. The market here is very different and if your considering building I would do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions. Even the big box builders are taking over a year to complete cookie cutter homes because the subs are just not available. Also, I would not plan on anything less than $100 a square ft. Also, be realistic permits, inspections and the build itself will take over a year.


Beach Fanatic
Sep 24, 2007
Even with land cost excluded, I don't think you can build a home "along 30-a" for anywhere close to $100/sf. I fully agree with all the other info provided.

Jimmy T

Beach Fanatic
Apr 6, 2015
Even with land cost excluded, I don't think you can build a home "along 30-a" for anywhere close to $100/sf. I fully agree with all the other info provided.
I agree. Land cost excluded, we built in 2013-2014 and spent about $180/sf and I would consider our home to be middle of the line in terms of cost per square foot. I estimate if we built our same house in 2017-2018, it would probably cost at least $200/sf.


Beach Fanatic
Jul 28, 2007
I dont mean to be rude but... when it comes to price on 30A... if you have to ask, you probably cant afford it. But you seem to have been in the area for a while so you probably already know this.


Beach Lover
Oct 3, 2008
lol, liked that warning disclaimer alongside a post that starts "I don't mean to be rude but..." ;)

This wasn't my thread, so my question was less about price and more interested in the two comments above that mentioned asking a "lot" of questions. I was curious what they were thinking of in particular. Assuming someone has their build spec'd out in detail before getting started and obtains a detailed budget from the builder, it seems like the scope of the project would be pretty clear before one breaks ground, so I was more interested in knowing if there were questions that I wasn't thinking of that would be pertinent to the bid process. Or questions that are unique to SoWal that one may not consider. I'm sure we've all heard our share of building horror stories 'round here.

(For what it's worth, while I do not know the intent of the original poster, sometimes asking what something costs can be more about good stewardship vs. affordability/being cheap.)
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