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Ohio Girl

Beach Lover
Feb 13, 2006
Sagamore Hills OH
This is crazy. A new connector road will not relieve traffic congestion. If a road is allowed through Pt Washington St Forest, that will set a precedent that we will never recover from.

Gavin East

Beach Crab
Aug 22, 2019
Old Seagrove
Many of us from the local high schools attended this meeting last night. We do not support this new connector road and are taking the initiative to prevent this from happening. We are here and will be here and have to deal with the economic harms that this connector road will do to our environment.

Lake View Too

SoWal Insider
Nov 16, 2008
Eastern Lake
From the meeting: The engineers are contemplating about 4 alternatives. Three of them would cross through the Pt. Washington State Forest. Alternatives C and D just a little bit east of the powerline, and Alternative B would be a little further east. All three would dump onto 30-A near Eastern Lake. The Florida State Park agency totally would not allow anything through Deer Lake Park. Alternative A was four-laning 395, I kid you not. Virtually the first twenty people who talked were adamantly against any road through the state forest. I left after that.
I made a clerical error in the above post. The three alternatives were proposed to be slightly west of the power line, not east. Also, the right of way, would be 150’, most likely clear cut, not a modest two lane as most people envision it.


Beach Fanatic
Feb 21, 2006
Go to Facebook Let it be Forest or for the latest information on the Connector road and other issues concerning South Walton's State Park's and Forest. This is a program under Beach to Bay Connection, Inc. 501(c) 3.
Call 850-267-2227 for more information.


Beach Fanatic
Feb 18, 2016
No more roads through the forest. The proposal is NOT for a one way road out. Nothing good will come of putting another road through the forest. It will just make the already congested east end of 30A even more congested. Some people will never take NO for an answer. I guess Walton County will continue to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to invade or divide up our preservation areas in spite of repeated failure to gain approval of the entities that have the authority to allow it. Let's work on creating better traffic flow with the roads we have instead of wasting money on study after study that doesn't change the outcome. If things don't change soon and rapidly, we are going to need a new county seal. Maybe we already do.
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