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As I understand it, the CCCL is a line such that no building can occur south of it. Yet the DEP can allow variances. I don't think this is appropriate because our beaches are just starting to recover from the 2005 hurricanes. By measuring the progress of rebuilding the dunes in this part of Seagrove via the progress of sand moving up our beach walkover, it will be at least 10 years before the dunes are where they were in 2005 (assuming no more seasons like 2005). Yet a property owner in our neighborhood is trying to get permission to build south of the CCCL in our neighborhood in Seagrove. If impervious or even semi-impervious construction is allowed by DEP south of the CCCL, it will lead to erosion due to the unnatural seepage of water. Our dunes are just beginning to recover from 2005. Do any of you support the effort to stop construction south of the CCCL? We already have people in our neighborhood against this potential environmental disaster. Any comments in our support would be appreciated.
What I meant was, It seems variances are given all the time. Is this case any different?
They want to build structures to the edge of where the street level takes a vertical drop of about 30 feet to the beach that nature is trying to restore. Pre-2005 there wasn't a vertical drop. The sand dunes went right up underneath the walkover stairs, even though beach level is about 30 feet below street level.


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Jun 16, 2006
For clarification, the CCCL is not a line of prohibition, it is a line of regulation. A permit is needed, not a variance.


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May 8, 2007
It's the height of idiocy IMO and I am sick and tired of my taxpayer dollars paying for these idiot's insurance!

We should be moving the line back, not letting them build closer.
For the uninformed, me, what is CCCL and DEP?
"The Coastal Construction Control Line Program (CCCL) is an essential element of Florida's coastal management program. It provides protection for Florida's beaches and dunes while assuring reasonable use of private property. Recognizing the value of the state’s beaches, the Florida legislature initiated the Coastal Construction Control Line Program to protect the coastal system from improperly sited and designed structures which can destabilize or destroy the beach and dune system. Once destabilized, the valuable natural resources are lost, as are its important values for recreation, upland property protection and environmental habitat."

D.E.P. is the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Here's a link with further explanation.
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