No New Beach Access Through the Topsail Hill Preserve! BCC Meeting Monday, 9/29!

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    There is a special BCC meeting tomorrow, Sept. 29th, 5 PM at the South Walton annex about the idea of adding a beach access through Topsail Hill Preserve. A PRESERVE. Despite loud and strong opposition from neighbors, locals, the Florida Audubon Society, and anyone who understands the importance of not setting a precedent for opening up land set aside as preservation land to benefit a small group of property owners, this location is still under discussion for some reason.

    Years ago, parents came together because there was a need for a playground at Helen McCall. We dragged our kids to BCC meetings so the commissioners could see the actual citizens who would benefit. This past year, during the fight to get a sports park in South Walton, involved parents brought their kids out again, demonstrating the importance of recreational opportunities and parks in our community.

    Once again we need to remember our kids. Topsail Hill Preserve is THEIRS too, and needs to be protected for all the future generations. If you feel strongly about protecting one of South Walton's environmental resources, please attend tomorrow afternoon's meeting, with your kids if possible. It is never too early for them to learn about the process, how to protect and defend public land, and feel like they are actual participants in the process. And maybe the commissioners once again need to see their young constituents- because they matter.

    There are other threads on if you want to read discussion.

    There is also lots of discussion on the Walton County Ideas for Visioning and Quality of Life Facebook page.

    Many of us have jobs and/or kids' activities that will prevent us from attending the meeting (me included). I will say that in the past it was mostly those of us with younger children, who weren't as busy yet and could get to the late afternoon meetings with our kids. If this is you, and you feel this is important, please take the time to get to the meeting! It's a great civics lesson! If you can't make it, please write the commissioners.

    Walton County Commissioners:
    William “Bill" Chapman (R), District 1 Commissioner, Chair
    Office: (850) 835-4860
    Fax: (850) 835-4836

    Kenneth Pridgen (R), District 2 Commissioner
    Office: (850) 834-6328
    Fax: (850) 834-6385

    Bill Imfeld (R), District 3 Commissioner
    Office: (850) 892-8474
    Fax: (850) 892-4204

    Sara Comander (R), District 4 Commissioner
    Office: (850) 835-4834
    Fax: (850) 951-0868

    Cindy Meadows (R), District 5 Commissioner
    Office: (850) 231-2978
    Fax: (850) 951-3872

    It would also be a good idea to write Governor Scott:

    Go to this link

    Subject: No additional access into Topsail Preserve

    Message: I oppose any new access into Topsail Preserve in Walton County
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    Let say… A young couple visits from Texas… fall in love with the area… go house shopping. They look at a house on Bishop rd near the Stalworth public beach access… its April. They love everything, the house the neighborhood… its still available in July so they come back look again .. they go by to see the house. The street which was empty in April is now full of parked cars.. one partially blocking their future drive.. lot more traffic and noise… liter.. all not present in April.

    They forget about the deal on Bishop and look for a place in a neighborhood withOUT a public beach access in the same general area… they find Beachview Heights. They ask the realtor if there is a public beach access located anywhere in BV… realtor says no…he/she tells the truth.
    They DO buy a lot and hire a local architect and builder… build a house and now live there.

    That’s 2 years ago. Fastfoward to today..

    Now they are being told by Walton County that despite all their buyer beware diligence and insistence on living in a NO public beach access neighborhood…. thanks to TDC , a public beach access will indeed be located in the neighborhood in which they have invested…. And indeed the access path to that public beach access will be the street right in front of their house.

    Now multiply this nice couple by 20 or so and I give you the current residents of Beachview Heights.
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    I agree with you 100% and will email the BCC members and the governor's office. The key word is "precedence" for the good of the few, at the expense of many.

    EDIT: I just emailed them all with my own message asking for a "no" vote on the access.
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