North Bay height restrictions

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    Walton Sun:

    In February, Walton County?s Planning Commission shot down an ordinance to put a height restriction on buildings north of the Choctawhatchee Bay because it included all of north Walton.
    However, a modified ordinance will soon be proposed as a height restriction on the northern coastline of the Bay. County Commissioner Scott Brannon cast it in the spotlight again at the April 26 Board of County Commissioners meeting.
    ?I brought it up because we talked about it with a sense of urgency before,? Brannon said in a later interview.
    ?There is immediate concern for coastal land around the Choctawhatchee Bay,? Brannon said.
    The Planning Commission denied the ordinance because it needed further clarification and encompassed all of north Walton.
    ?It (the 50 foot restriction) was good planning south of the Bay,? Brannon said.
    He said it is better to put the ordinance in place before ?we begin to see monster heights around the waterway.?
    Three Choctaw Beach residents were also at the meeting. They said the height restriction would limit their property values.
    Brannon disagreed that height restriction would devalue Bay properties.
    ?This is our chance to learn from the past,? he said. ?We have to protect property rights and also a sense of community.?

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