Officials approve Sunday trash pick-up on CR-30A and Scenic Gulf Drive

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    To remedy what has definitely been an unscenic occurrence, Walton County commissioners have approved a Sunday trash pick-up along two of the county’s scenic corridors.
    The decision took place at the June 24 Walton County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) meeting at the Walton County Courthouse.
    For some time during tourist seasons there have been complaints from the community of overflowing trash cans along Scenic Gulf Drive and CR-30A—roads where many homes are rented to tourists— in the wake of tourists’ weekend departure. With no weekend trash pick-up, until now the overflowing cans have sat until the following regular weekday pick up by Waste Management.
    At the June 24 meeting, county commissioners approved a recommendation by Walton County Administrator Larry Jones to add a Sunday morning residential trash pick-up for the next 10 weeks along Scenic Gulf Drive and CR-30A. This will be for trash cans only, not dumpsters.
    Jones told the commissioners that county waste disposal company Waste Management had agreed to do the pick-up at a price of $190 per hour and that each pick-up was expected to take between four and five hours. A total cost of approximately $20,000 was anticipated for pick-up on the two roads for the 10-week period. Jones’ recommendation included funding the expense from the solid waste collection line of the current year county budget.
    The recommendation was approved with all aye votes of the four commissioners in attendance.
    In response to a question, Jones said the action approved by the BCC would not specifically address the issue of trash cans being left out on the road continuously. This has been a problem on the two roads, particularly with out-of-town owners’ properties. Jones said the problem would be addressed but that the first priority would be “getting the trash cleaned up.”
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    How about the TDC kick in those funds. This only happens when TOURISTS come to town.
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