"Our Divine Potential at This Time on Earth" by Reber 12/3 6:30PM

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    Christ the King Episcopal Church
    Sabrina Reber will discuss "Our Divine Potential at This Time on Earth" at the Dec. 3 meeting of the Emerald Coast Meditation Society. The free meeting will start with a 30-minute silent meditation at 6:30 p.m. in the parish hall at Christ the King Episcopal Church, 480 N. Co. Hwy. 393, Santa Rosa Beach, one-half mile north of Hwy. 98. The ECMS is ecumenical and follows no religion.

    “We will discuss strengthening our relationships with our higher selves,” says Reber, “so we can raise the vibrational frequencies of our physical bodies and purify our souls. We do this to incarnate our Christ Selves into our physical bodies. This is the return of Christ; it is the return of our Christ Consciousness.”

    In 2005, after a two-year “dark night of the soul,” Sabrina says she had a kundalini experience where she merged into oneness with her higher self. This completely changed her life and way of being in the world. She began to study energy medicine and became certified in many modalities: reiki, karuna, pranic healing, DNA theta healing, and others.

    After her kundalini ascension, she says her multidimensional senses were opened, and she began to work with a group of spiritual beings known as the “Counsel of 12″ who helped her write her ascension book called “Raise Your Vibration.” Once the book was released, she began her online journey of service to others by writing thousands of spiritual articles to inspire and assist others on their ascension journeys.

    Her online presence has allowed Sabrina to work with hundreds of thousands of people around the world helping them to stay committed to the expansion of their consciousness. She has taken sacred pilgrimages throughout Egypt, India, Peru and Brazil, and has spent 15 days living with a Shipibo Tribe in the Amazon. Sabrina has been initiated as an ordained minister in the Lively Stones Full Gospel Ministry by the healer Willard Fuller, who was known to perform dental miracles by the laying on of his hands. She is also an initiate into the Hierarchy of Light through the Ancient Mystery Schools which are deeply rooted in the old arts of metaphysics.

    Sabrina has been married for 20 years and has two daughters. She is also an artist, but says her greatest passion is “helping others connect with their true selves…their higher selves.”

    The evening will conclude with a short guided meditation. Anyone who needs meditation instruction should arrive by 6:15 p.m. For information contact nancyjames@embarqmail.com.

    Facebook event: "Our Divine Potential at This Time on Earth" by Sabrina Reber | Facebook

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