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Pepper apparently had a seizure yesterday morning. She acted scared and got under the coffee table. I figured that there were distant thunder storms because that's wat she does when she is scared, so I got on No thunderstorms within 200 miles. As I was checking that, she staggered into her crate (her safe place) like a drunk person. I pulled her out of her crate. She couldn't walk, appeared not to be able to see, and just fell down. Hubby quickly put her crate in the car and put her in it while I called the vet and said that Pepper had an emergency situation. When we arrived, he was waiting for us at the door. By then she had regained her ability to walk. He observed her all day and ran tests.

Out of range tests:
GLU 113 (max range 110)
WBC 5.77 (min range 6)
MO% 4.7% (max range 4%)
PLT 134 (min range 200)
EKG normal

There are two ancestors in her lineage over the past five generations with epilepsy. Epilepsy is common among show-bred standard poodles.

We were referred to a neurologist at Auburn University Vet College. The first available appointment is on Monday. We are so on edge. We are scared because we have no idea when another seizure will happen again. We don't leave her alone for a second. Hubby has a trade show to attend in Europe and leaves on Friday, so we are both totally freaked out.

If any of you have any clout at Auburn and can possibly get Pepper in for an appointment at the vet college this week, could you PM me?

Please pray for Pepper.


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May 17, 2007
Santa Rosa Beach
It's scary when your furbaby has seizures. Good luck at Auburn! I hope you can get in sooner & get your questions answered.

Our dog has them occasionally, (approx 3 times a year) and our vet has said that until they come regularly (once per month or more) than don't put him on medication. Some last longer than others, or at least they seem like it. I try to get a stop watch out & time them if I can. Otherwise we have a blanket he favors & we set him on it and just make sure he isn't near anything that can harm him while keeping out hands away from his mouth/face.


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Aug 29, 2005
grapevine, tx. /On the road to SoWal
BR, I'm so sorry about your Pepper. I hope you get some answers ASAP! Prayers sent up.


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Dec 20, 2004
Lacey's Spring, Alabama
My Angel baby has them occasionally as well. My vet told me the same thing as momof2kids. They would not put her on anti-seizure medicine unless she was having them regularly. It is scarey when it happens though. Will be praying for Pepper and hope that everything will be ok.
Same here. Vet won't put her on meds until Auburn sees her. He said if she has one over 10 minutes, make an emergency call to him. So we just watch her like a hawk and are scared to leave her.

Thanks for making me feel better about the frequency. I am hoping that nothing serious is wrong with her and that they only happen a couple of times per year.

Thanks, y'all.


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Jul 12, 2005
Hugs to Pepper. That has to be so scary!! Praying for no more seizures and good results from the dr.


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Nov 18, 2004
St. Louis
Sorry to hear about Pepper. My greyhound used to have them....its scary to see. My vet told us the same thing, unless he was having them all the meds. Good luck.


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May 8, 2007
Keeping her calm and avoiding rigorous exercise in hot weather can help prevent more seizures.

Scooterbro's dog had some scary seizures and then went on meds and he has been doing fine ever since.
Keeping her calm and avoiding rigorous exercise in hot weather can help prevent more seizures.

Scooterbro's dog had some scary seizures and then went on meds and he has been doing fine ever since.
Thanks so much for the advice. :love: It makes sense for us to keep her calm based on what I've googled. We were at the beach last week, but only took her to the beach near sunset. But she is black and her hair gets hot quickly outside even when she goes outside for a quick potty break. Maybe after Auburn we should give her a summer cut so she won't get so hot. Her health is obviously more important that her being beautifully groomed.
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