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Beach Crab
May 12, 2012
We LOVE SoWal county and 30A! We vacation there almost every year at the State Park and can't speak enough of the hospitality and friendliness of the people, and the beauty of the area.
We bring our 2 dogs (labs) every year and love taking them with us, love Watercolor's pet-friendly restaurant!! I was wondering if there are any pet-friendly beaches or lakes nearby so we could take our pups swimming.
We respect and honor the 'no dogs on the beach' policy. We are responsible pet owners who keep our dogs leashed (unless permitted) and pick up after our pets. We sure would like to reward our sweet pups with a swim!
thanks for the help!

Sarah Moss

Beach Lover
Apr 5, 2006
Black Creek
While it's a far cry from our real beaches, we take our dogs to swim at the bay area on hwy 331 just north of the bridge. There is a sand beach and makes for a nice swimming spot for the dogs but care has to be taken as it's close to the highway.


Beach Fanatic
Jul 14, 2007
Don't believe it will be an issue on the bayside, but illegal on the beach side unfortunately unless you are a property owner with a permit.

If you are looking for dog friendly beaches you might want to check out Cape San Blas or St George Island. Both very dog friendly, great beaches, dog friendly lodging and restaurants....and very friendly people.

Will B

Jan 5, 2006
Atlanta, GA
The bay is dog friendly. I have also taken our dogs (we have tags) to Western Lake both at the boat ramp in Grayton and off of 30A near the bridge. That may be a grey area, but it's technically not the beach.
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