Please Vote NO on Deceptive Solar Amendment 1 in Florida

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    Greetings to all! Long time/no post. :sowal: Are you pro-solar energy? I know I am - I have a home here in Blue Mtn with 21 solar panels. I produce clean energy and any excess goes right out into my neighborhood. For those of you who do not know, there is a very deceptive amendment coming up on the ballot. It is called Amendment 1. Here is some information and you decide - as the article below says, it is a wolf in sheep's clothing and I wanted to get the word out - that's my part. Thanks for reading and thanks for your consideration. I send a shout all to all my SoWal friends I haven't seen or talked to in a while! :wave:

    Julie Delegal: Pro-solar consumers beware: Vote no on Amendment 1 - Florida Politics

    "YES" in August, "NO" in November- This Amendment 1 is BAD - Our Santa Fe River

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