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Beach Lover
Jul 19, 2005
What is a DoD connection? I am not sure how it works there but our shelter which is no kill is never "full". They take all animals. I do have to say they have a huge support base. I am just worried about that little pup.


Beach Fanatic
Sep 3, 2005
Santa Rosa Beach, FL
So sad

people that abandon their pets, make me nuts!:bang::bang::bang: A coworker knows of a little chihuahua in her neighborhood, that the people have abandoned! It's surviving on garbage and whatever it can find!:sosad: she lives in the niceville, fl area, which is north of destin. I've rescued and found homes for many furry friends and have to help this baby, somehow! If i met those idiots, i believe that i might end up, in the poky!!!

I spoke with my coworker tonight and she said that it's been in their driveway, tonight. The baby is light brown and she's not sure if it's a male, or female. The little thing wouldn't let my coworker near it, tonight! It acts like people have been, running it off! The idiot family that abandoned her was breeding them, for bucks! Guess the baby's usefulness, was up! Honestly, i can't imagine living in that area, knowing that there was a helpless baby out there, fending for itself!

I can't get an exact address, only that it's on howard (maybe st) in villa tasso, near robert ave, in niceville. Please, can't someone help, this little lost soul!:love: From what i'm understanding, the baby's been on it's own, about two weeks! She first realized it was out there, when it was in her garbage can!:sosad::sosad::sosad:
Apr 29, 2017
Santa Rosa Beach
My boss just rescued a cute older female Chihuahua off the road in the middle of Sandestin (98!). Couldnt find anyone to do anything about it (1am) but he cant take care of since he has a HUGE Dobie. If anyone hears anything about someone willing to take in an old lady that has an awesome demeanor, plz post here.

Sandestin has a security station. They keep a log of pet owners and pictures of their pets. I would contact the Sandestin team do find the owner of the chihuahua.
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