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Beach Crab
Feb 23, 2018
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
Hello. My name is Lorrie. I am an educator here with Bay County Schools. I work in special ed with a focus on behavior intervention and work primarily with elementary aged children and younger. I studied Early Childhood Education at Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia and came to live here on the Emerald Coast four years ago. I also have a residence in Georgia where I am also currently employed with the school system of Harris County. I am CPR certified and although not "classified" bilingual, Yo hablo español muy bien. In addition to education, I also nanny for a local 30a Dentist with whom I have worked for a few years as well as serve as the primary concierge nanny for Rosemary Beach Cottage Rental Company. I am honest, trustworthy, reliable, have a ton of common sense, have a squeaky clean background and can provide impeccable references. I am a spring chicken at 46 years old :) but I'm in the best shape of my life and I'm a very hard worker. I'm normally cooking or baking with the kids in addition to my nanny duties at any given time. I am from Georgia, born and raised. I have that southern hospitality, as well as the desire to pass on those values and moral character to those I work with. I do work with the elite and am comfortable with non disclosures as your privacy and my professionalism is of utmost importance. With that said, my rate is firm and begins at $30/ hour for one child. I am looking to take on a few more clients for both single spontaneous nights out as well as on a more consistent basis. Please message me here or at with any questions you may have and I look forward to speaking with you. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this posting and have a wonderful day!
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