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Jan 17, 2007
Rezoning for an RV Park off Moll Dr.

BCC Planning Meeting
Thurs, July 22 at 9am
South Walton Annex​

SWCC supports the surrounding communities in OPPOSING the rezoning of 10 acres on Moll Drive, located just north of Helen McCall Park. The community insists this project is not compatible with the surrounding residential community and is “spot zoning”. The parcel is zoned “Neighborhood Infill” and the community supports it remaining as-is within the Comprehensive Plan.

This is an agenda item at the BCC Planning meeting this Thurs, July 22 at 9am, at the South Walton Annex. Below are details on the request.

REQUEST: The applicant would like to build a RV Resort with 66 pads, club house, and pool within a gated facility.

Note: This use is not an allowable use under the current future land use and zoning district and would require a future land use and zoning district change.

The request is to amend the Walton County Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map designation from Residential to Mixed Use and amend the Walton County Land Development Code Official Zoning Map district from ‘Neighborhood Infill’ to ‘Coastal Center Mixed Use’ on 9.75+/- acres.

You can help by writing to all five (5) Walton County BCC Commissioners and letting them know you oppose this request. Email addresses for the BCC are included below.

1: Boots McCormick:
2: Danny Glidewell:
3: Michael Barker:
4: Trey Nick:
5: Tony Anderson:
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Jim Tucker

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Jul 12, 2005
Trey Nick voted yes
Tony Anderson was absent
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