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Beach Lover
May 10, 2007
Welcome to Walton politics.

I will say this, regardless of political party, I will not support a candidate who has begun the sign litter race. Please familiarize yourself with Florida campaign law and relocate or remove the many illegally placed signs currently in Miramar Beach. You cannot just distribute them as you see fit and placing them on right of ways and public land is a violation of the law.

Thank you for your consideration.
Well who is the 30a Kratom running against? . They have polluted 393 n...


Beach Fanatic
Oct 25, 2012
331 and 98, and by the way not opposed to signs, personally think it might be to early.
Soon enough there will be all signs all the time. A precedent has been set that you never stop rallying, never stop collecting, never stop campaigning. Politics has become a growth industry with more money at stake than almost anything else. And as protected and as sacred as religion. The foxes done ate all the chickens and now their hungry eyes are on you and yours.
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